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Formal Dinner Night

Posted: 04/05/17

Formal Dinner Night

Restaurant: Carnival_Paradise

dre: The one missing thing on this smaller ship was the choice of a speciality restaurant. Instead, they have items on the menu that you can pay extra for. It seems expensive though, to be paying an extra $20 on a surf and turf or filet mignon, when a prime rib was "free". Maybe if the cost was an extra $5-10, I'd consider it. Who am I kidding, I probably would still not pay extra!

The Paradise's formal night, I was expecting a surf and turf, but instead, there wasn't anything fancier than usual. I did choose 3 entrees though... If you count the one I got for the kids, I got 4 entrees!

Mike started off with some Asparagus Cream Soup.

I ordered the Broiled Sea Scallops. I really enjoy scallops, and these were pretty good.
Mike and I shared some Baked Stuffed Mushrooms.
Mike ordered a Kale Salad.
I ordered for the girls the Sea Bass. It also was dry, too bad. The sauce was a little spicy for them, so it didn't help much.
Mike got the Spare Ribs. I think he said this was his favourite dish of the cruise.
This was the first of my 3 entrees, Prime Rib. I should of opted out of the potato. I didn't eat any of it. The meat was tasty.
I also got the Grilled Jumbo Shrimp. They were crispy and big and tasted fresh.
I couldn't resist trying the Blue Crab Ravioli. I wish I didn't bother. It didn't taste good at all!
I had stepped out to deal with a crying hysterical child, so Mike took the "safe" road and ordered a bunch of desserts. The first looks like a chocolate mousse-type cake. It was very sweet.
This was the chocolate melting cake they offer every night. It was good and also very sweet.
The last dessert is a favourite of Mike's, the creme brulee. It was very good as well and also very sweet!


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