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First Cruise Dinner

Posted: 04/03/17

First Cruise Dinner

Restaurant: Carnival_Paradise

dre: The first dinner of the cruise is always a more casual atmosphere. The ship has just started moving, and everyone is excited to explore what the ship has to offer. I was excited for dinner, probably because this is the only dinner you can wear shorts and flip flops to as there's usually no dress code.

Mike ordered the chicken quesadilla for an appetizer.

I got the Chilled Vietnamese Roll, which had some shrimp in it. It was tasty and I enjoyed it.
Mike got some calamari "for the table", which came with 5 pieces, not even enough for 1 piece per person. (My parents were also travelling with us.)
We were trying to steer the kids away from deep fried foods throughout the cruise. They love fish, so I got them a grilled salmon to share. Unfortunately, this salmon was dry, so they didn't eat a lot of it.
This is the Braised Beef Brisket. I don't think it was particularly memorable, so it was probably pretty solid.
The other main was the Pork Loin. I thought the pork loin wasn't too dry, so it was tasty.
Surprisingly, Kristen ordered Jello for dessert, instead of her usual ice cream. This was the fanciest Jello I've seen plated.
Mike and I got the apple pie for 2. There was a pie of the day every night, and we usually tried them. The pie was okay, though I wished it was served hotter. It was a lukewarm pie, so made it not as appetizing.


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