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Jerk Chicken Poutine vs Nachos

Posted: 04/04/17

Jerk Chicken Poutine vs Nachos

Restaurant: Rogers_Centre Toronto

Nelson @RogersCentre: For some reason I order the Jerk Chicken Poutine again, despite saying that I liked the nachos better. Well let's compare them side by side as I ordered these on consecutive trips. First is the poutine. I think this time I enjoyed it more as it had a better balance of ingredients. Even though I usually don't like it, I think the fake nacho cheese works better than then the cheese curds.
Here is the nachos version. More coleslaw and creamier coleslaw, which is good and more sour cream which I also like. For some reason the nacho version is better and I will probably get it again when I go.

The season is just starting, Go Jays Go! This year they made the tickets more difficult to buy so I will probably be going a lot less :(


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