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Carnival Paradise

Posted: 04/01/17

Carnival Paradise

Restaurant: Carnival_Paradise

dre: This is the start of our March Break vacation this year. I'm going a bit out of order, as the cruise we went on was later on, but these are the pictures on my phone and easier to offload to this blog first. We went on a 5-day cruise on the Carnival Paradise. It's an older boat, and quite small. The activities onboard were sufficient and it was relaxing. Plus, I never had to think of what to cook, so that was already a plus. These were some of the regular items we had our lunches at the Paris Restaurant on the Lido deck.

The girls really enjoyed the pizza and had it almost every day.

Mike enjoyed the deli station and tried several sandwiches. I think this was a corn beef panini.
My favourite was the Mongolian Wok station, but the lines were always very very long. I liked that they had different options of meat and seafood everyday.
I got the same Mongolian Wok stir-fry for the kids, but using just soy sauce instead of the spicier ones they used. The girls enjoyed this dish as well.
The Grill station was also quite good, and again, long line ups for the burgers. Here on this plate is half of a burger and the salad offerings from that line. Surprisingly, I didn't try their main buffet foods, which they switched up every day, but I remember looking each day, and nothing looked that appetising to me.


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