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Blue Lagoon Lobster Set Course

Posted: 03/31/17

Blue Lagoon Lobster Set Course

Restaurant: Blue_Lagoon Mississauga

Nelson: The best Lobster deal at Blue Lagoon is ordering the set course at lunch time ($88). Yes, it's luxurious ordering large lobster (3lb+) at lunch, but it was Mother's Day so why not?

The lobster is served in three different ways. The meaty lobster tail is served with efu noodles and vegetables. I love eating the noodles in this dish as they are very flavourful. The big meaty pieces of lobster are delicious too obviously.

Here is a vegetable dish with bono flakes on top. It lends a smokey flavour to the vegetables which I like.
Here is the battered deep fried lobster, my favourite style. It's mostly legs, and the end of the tail, but you can eat the batter and it is delicious. I almost feel like they should cook the whole lobster in this style. Which they probably could.
Chicken, which is not part of the set meal.
Fried dough and lobster claw and knuckle. This is basically boiled in the congee so I find it flavourless. This is my least favourite way to cook lobster and I feel like it's almost a waste to cook like so.
I guess most of the flavour went into the congee. I"m not even a big fan of congee so I didn't enjoy it more than any other flavoured congee.

A pretty good deal for such a large lobster. I guess it's more expensive to cook it in multiple different ways, but I would almost prefer all of it to be deep fried in the Hong Kong style.

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