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The Fremont Diner

Posted: 03/24/17

The Fremont Diner

Restaurant: Sonoma The_Fremont_Diner

Nelson: The Fremont Diner is located between Napa and Sonoma in picturesque wine country. They serve locally sourced (some from on the premises) seasonal food that is responsibly sourced. Let's begin.

Sausage platter ($14.99). The sausage was a little dry, but flavoured really well. I like how pickles were included.

I told you it was picturesque! It was also a bit on the cold side that day and made our food become cold quickly.
Pulled Pork Sandwich ($12.99). Not too sweet or saucy, but tender and succulent meat was the highlight. The sweet bun and pickles I liked too. Can you tell I like pickles?
Brisket Platter ($19.99) which does not include sausage and had more brisket. You can see the nice pink smoke and the sheen from the fatty juices. They know what they are doing here!
Spicy Fried Nashville Chicken ($13.99). A beautiful colour for the rich batter covering the juicy chicken.. The mac & cheese on the side had a very nice cheese (Vella) to take it to another level. Yum!
Not spicy Fried Nashville Chicken on a waffle ($13.99). I like the spicy version better, but the batter still provides a lot of flavour. The waffles were cold by the time I ate them and didn't add much in this case.
We split a "chess" pie (as spelled on the receipt). It had a variety of fruit and I don't remember it standing out very much.

Overall a delicious meal with meats that showed the care taken in their preparation. A good way to end a day of wine tasting!

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