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Sotto Mare

Posted: 03/18/17

Sotto Mare

Restaurant: San_Francisco Sotto_Mare

Nelson @ Sotto Mare: Seafood in San Francisco Italian style. They are famous for their crab cioppino which is an Italian inspired dish invented in San Francisco. They don't even describe the dish on the menu, but wikipedia says it is fresh seafood in a tomato wine sauce. And it is served with sourdough bread. Which is pictured here.
Ben and Richard ordered the Boston Clam Chowder and it looked pretty good.
The crab cioppino with seafood costs $41 but is enough food for two people. It comes in this large pot filled with seafood and a thick tomato based sauce. What I didn't realize at first is that there is pasta inside!
Here you can see some of the ingredients. Not only is there crab (that is precracked), but there is also mussels, clam, shrimp, bay scallop. All of this enveloped in this rich tomato sauce infused with seafood flavour. I didn't figure tomato and seafood would go together so well, but it works really well. It was delicious. Also good was sopping up the sauce with the sourdough bread to try to get all the flavour possible. The only negative would be that the sauce was a tad salty. Maybe it was from the seafood. Overall it was a unique dish and also delicious. Glad I visited!

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