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Chalet Basque

Posted: 03/17/17

Chalet Basque

Restaurant: Chalet_Basque San_Rafael

Nelson @ Chalet Basque: A French/Spanish restaurant in the middle of a residential neighbourhood is a nice surprise. I say French/Spanish because the Basque region is on the French/Spanish border.

Kitty was smart and ordered the daily special, the Paella Valenciana, It was choked full of seafood and meat. Even had chicken thighs, sausage, clams, mussels, among others. For lunch, I don't think it was cooked together as a true Paella is, but it was still good. It was a bit spicy too and packed a lot of flavour. Delicious!

But to start the meal we had soup (lentil) and of course bread (in the very top right corner). The bread was really fresh.
The meal came with a salad too. Italian A greek-like salad.
I had a brain fart and ordered an Italian dish at this restaurant. For some reason I was craving veal parmigiana ($16.95). I was appropriately rewarded with a veal that was a tad chewy. I should have ordered something more appropriate here. A good lunch otherwise.

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