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Marriot Breakfast: West Coast Edition

Posted: 03/16/17

Marriot Breakfast: West Coast Edition

Restaurant: Marriot San_Francisco

Nelson @Marriott: What is different about breakfast on the West Coast? They serve something called a Denver scramble. I learned on Wikipedia that it is usually a Denver omelette which includes onions, green pepper and ham. Unfortunately, eggs aren't the greatest when sitting on a hot plate, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I probably should have. I've never heard it called it this though so that was interesting.
Here is my first plate. Pretty typical foods except for the one on top. That is a egg white vegetable frittata. Yeah, they do eat healthier on the west coast!
Oatmeal...is high in fiber, right?
What can I say, I liked the bacon. The fruit was fresh, ripe and sweet. Good job Marriott. Plus fresh squeeze OJ is the best.


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