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Schwartz's in Toronto

Posted: 03/14/17

Schwartz's in Toronto

Restaurant: Schwartz Toronto

Nelson @costcocanada: Did you know you can buy @SchwartzsDeli in Toronto? Our awesome friends bought this and brought it our house. They even sous vide the meat to get it to the right temperature! Awesome friends! The only difficulty is having to cut the meat with a knife, although they don't really do a delicate job of it in the store either. We had some rye bread, Dijon mustard, kettle chips and pickles to complete this meal. Kitty had trouble finding deli style pickles and ended up buying this jar for around $7 from Cheese Boutique. A bit pricey for pickles, right? But they were absolutely delicious, probably the best pickles I've eaten (second is Harvey's). I regret not taking a picture of the jar. Also, the Schwartz sandwiches were delicious as always. Yum!


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