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Shrimp Stir Fry

Posted: 03/11/17

Shrimp Stir Fry

Restaurant: none

Nelson: A common dish at Chinese restaurants is a shrimp stir fry with peas. I tried to make it at home. For vegetables I used sugar snap peas and celery. I hate peeling and deveining shrimp (I did it when I was a kid), so I now buy the pre-peeled, pre-deveined frozen, headless, but raw version of shrimp. It's a big time saver and much easier to work worth. It's obvious more expensive too, but worth it in my opinion.

I find Chinese restaurants use the jar garlic a lot. So I did the same. I used shallots as well to give it more depth of flavour. That with a generous does of oil (and I think I used a bit of butter, even though it's not traditionally a Chinese ingredient) was how I cooked the shrimp. The key to shrimp is to not overcook it. So when it was just about to be done I took it off the pan. Then I stir fried the vegetables until they were almost done and then combined. A bit of salt and white pepper to finish. It turned out really good, almost restaurant quality and was a delicious meal at home. I can't replicate the high temperatures of the wok at home, so I was missing that element of the dish, but otherwise a fairly faithful representation. Well except for the extra goodness of butter flavour.


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