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Homemade Jerk Chicken Nachos

Posted: 03/12/17

Homemade Jerk Chicken Nachos

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Like I've said on many occasions, my favourite food item at Rogers Centre is the Jerk Chicken Nachos. So I tried to make it at home!

Dre already posted about this, but I wanted to take a more detailed look. This is the almost finished product with the coleslaw on top of the nachos, but without the sour cream or salsa. Still looks good right?

Here are the ingredients. Even though the original recipe does not involve guacamole, Everything is better with Guac, right? I premade the jerk chicken in the oven and it's pretty good on its own.
Here are the hot ingredients straight out of the oven. I like to layer cheese among the layers of nachos. The more cheese, the better, right?
Here is a small bit with all the ingredients together. On the bottom is nachos with cheese, green onion, jalapenos and jerk chicken. On top is a healthy layer of creamy coleslaw (bag coleslaw mix from store) with salsa, gaucamole and sour cream on top. It was so incredibly delicious. Totally not healthy and loads of salt, but it's ok for special occasions.
And just a comparison, I went to a game a few weeks after and here is what it looks like. They are slightly different in taste, but both are delicious. Yum!


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