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Southside Betty's

Posted: 03/10/17

Southside Betty's

Restaurant: Southside_Bettys Toronto

dre: Southside Betty's isn't a real restaurant. It's the name of the cafeteria in the new location I'm working out of. I've heard the food here has been a hit and miss (more of a miss according to my coworkers), so when I saw that they were serving lasagna at a subsidised price of $5, I decided to try it out. The lasagna wasn't anything special, but it was good, and I liked that they used chicken and turkey meat to make it a little healthier. Healthy is a theme for the food in this cafeteria. However, the garlic bread was very greasy and almost tasted like it was deep was DELICIOUS but probably very bad for you. The salad was decent as well, so my first time eating in this cafeteria has been a good experience. I've been here for a week, and nothing else has looked this good, so I can see it being a mediocre choice for lunch. At least it's cheap!


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