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Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles

Posted: 03/04/17

Cluck Clucks Chicken and Waffles

Restaurant: Cluck_Clucks Toronto

dre: On the east end of downtown Toronto, near the Distillery District is this small place called Cluck Cluck's. They feature fried chicken with waffles and the different combos you can get with that, i.e. waffle sandwich, chicken on waffle, etc. I tried the Little Clucker, which is a thigh on a waffle. The chicken was really good and juicy. I liked eating the waffle with the juicy chicken. I got the Cluck Cluck sauce, but you can choose from a variety of other options.

I'm definitely coming back to try other things, though I'd be happy getting the Little Clucker again. You get cheaper price if you use Ritual!

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