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Shawarma Poutine

Posted: 03/01/17

Shawarma Poutine

Restaurant: Double_Taste_Shawarma_and_Pizza Kitchener

Nelson: I love Shawarma and Poutine, so why not have them together? This flavour bomb of a combination is helped by the sauces of white tahini, spicy siracha, a spicy garlic sauce AND gravy. The fries are excellently fried with a bit of crunch that remains even with all the sauces. Not a lot of cheese, but there is a lot of chicken shawarma. This must be so unhealthy for you, but it tastes so good. This portion size is really filling too and all this for only $5.99! Delicious!

Also, happy 10th Anniversary to BiteMe! 3,652 posts.....WOW!


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