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Shanghai Dim Sum Again!

Posted: 02/28/17

Shanghai Dim Sum Again!

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Shanghai_Dim_Sum

dre: We came back here a couple months later with a different crowd! We ate similar things but with some variance.

We got the Changhai style boiled chicken. This tiny half chicken was pretty pricey at $17.

Mike really likes this spicy pork belly with garlic paste. The meat was extremely fatty. I wouldn't call it meat... it was a dish of fat slices in spicy garlic paste.
I tried the Dan Dan noodles, and again, the noodles made the dish disappointing. It was also very soupy. I'm used to have it with just the right amount of sauce to mix the noodles with.
We got the pork buns this time as well. The breading was very thick.
Girls favourite onion pancake.
Pan fried dumplings. I preferred these over the buns.
Stir-fried rice cake with pork and preserved veggies.
Broccoli-egg dish. Some broccoli were taken before I got to take the picture!
Can't forget these guys!
Shanghai style noodles. No dessert this time... we were too full!

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