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Shanghai Dim Sum

Posted: 02/22/17

Shanghai Dim Sum

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Shanghai_Dim_Sum

dre: We've been on our search for favourite Shanghai cuisine, so we decided to try this place out. It's located in Richmond Hill, off Hwy 7 and Chalmers. We met up with some family friends so we got to feast on a lot of food!

This egg-broccoli dish is one of my favourites at a Shanghai restaurant. It was cooked well, as sometimes I found that they don't cook the broccoli enough and the girls don't like eating it if it's too hard.

Pan-fried dumplings. These were juicy inside.. yummy oil...
The siu long baos! The skin was very silky, and the soup was juicy, though oily. Mike enjoys this as always. It's not my favourite, mostly because I know the soup isn't good for you.
This was the spicy beef noodle soup. We were disappointed with the noodle choice, looked more like spaghetti to me.
Green onion pancakes. These are the girls' favourites.
Stir-fried rice cakes with pork and preserved veggies.
Shanghai style noodle. The girls loved this too. And also so oily.
This is a bean curd dish with beans. I didn't have too much because I don't like bean curd.
Slow broiled pork with more bean curd. I tried a little bit and the sauce is tasty.
These Chinese burgers were not what I expected. I thought it would be more like a roll. The beef was a bit dry and everything fell out very easily.
Dessert! Deep fried egg white balls stuffed with red bean! These were fluffy and yummy!

Overall, everything was quite oily, but I would come here one more time to try it again to see if it's consistent.

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