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K&B Sushi Part 2

Posted: 02/23/17

K&B Sushi Part 2

Restaurant: Etobicoke K_B_Sushi

Nelson: Part 2 of this AYCE meal. We start with the squid, which was beautiful and delicious.
Corn soup....I think for the young one.
Udon, also for the child.
Sushi Pizza. Kitty likes these a lot, but I don't like it as much. I think she likes that it is so saucy.
More sashimi. The peppered white fish was delicious!
Sushi Rolls! The big one fell apart unfortunately.
Sushi, Sushi rose and roe.
This roll came out hot. I think it was deep fried. It was surprisingly good...maybe that will be a new thing?
Peppered sushi. I really like this variation!
BBQ Pork ribs. American food? I guess...
Bacon wrapped enoki.
Tonkatsu was not good as it was too thin with too much breading.
Spicy salmon/tuna! A non traditional take on japanese food.
Another roll. Overall, the sashimi was pretty fresh, the rolls had good variety, but perhaps could be constructed better and I liked the slight variations, like adding pepper to the fish.
Dessert begins with deep fried banana.
Deep fried milk. Blah.
Of course we end with ice cream (and jello and pudding).

Overall I'm impressed with the quality for a place in Etobicoke. I think I'll be back!


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