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K&B Sushi

Posted: 02/21/17

K&B Sushi

Restaurant: Etobicoke K_B_Sushi

Nelson: Trying to find an AYCE sushi place in Etobicoke, we tried this place for the first time. The interior is really new and clean. You can order off tablets, which makes things a lot easier, especially since there are pictures of the food. I'm not going to describe everything, but here is what 7.5 people ordered. Note that they have Thai and Chinese food as well.

Crispy rolls, one salmon and avocado, the other tuna and avocado.

Miso Soup, mango salad and seaweed salad.
Beef Tataki. Not quite raw, but quite tasty with a vinegary sauce.
Sashimi! The peppered salmon was really good! Scallop and octopus was nice too.
Edamame, great for snacking and while you are waiting for food.
Shrimp Tempura. They have a tad too much batter here.
The vegetable tempura.
Eel on rice. Underwhelming.
Deep fried quid. They make it with some light batter here.
The chicken karage looks pretty good, but it was really bad. Dry and tiny pieces of chicken with to much batter.
Pepper shrimp. Pretty good, if only they were a bit bigger.
These takoyaki look so sad. Too plain.
Mayo shrimp was delicious here. Once again, the shrimp are a bit small, but this was delicious.
Enoki wrapped beef. They cut these in half here.
Eel pancake. Creative, but not that good.
Kalbi! This one was too fatty, but the first set was great. I like ordering this as I know how expensive these are.
Deep fried tofu.
Garlic beef. Could use more garlic.

Come back in two days for part 2!

K&B Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  • The takoyaki looks funny without the bonito flakes!
    dre @ 2017-03-04

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