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K-POP Chicken

Posted: 02/19/17

K-POP Chicken

Restaurant: Etobicoke KPOP_Chicken

Nelson: Replacing Po'Boys is K=Pop Chicken on Bloor in Etobicoke. And yes, the TVs play K Pop on loop all the time. As advertised. Since this is a Korean (bar) place we start with the popcorn.
Our meals came with a salad. Thousand Island dressing is the default.
Here are the Soy & Garlic sauced wings ($11.99) and Green Onion topping Wings ($12.99). My favourite were the green onion as they were nicely salty, crispy and the green onion herb flavour really came through. The soy garlic flavour was a little underwhelming (too runny too) unfortunately, and usually this is the best flavour.
This is the K-POP mixed chicken with four flavour and a whole chicken ($25.99), fried, sauced, soy&garlic and soy&green onion. The fry job was only ok for everything. Maybe because the sauce makes it too moist? I'll comment on the korean hot sauce one next.
These are the sauced wings, supposedly sweet and spicy ($11.99). They were a little underwhelming in terms of spice, but maybe that's they way we ordered them. I wanted more heat. The wings themselves were a little small too. Could have used more sides too.

I love Korean fried chicken and would love to have a place close by to frequent. Unfortunately the chicken wasn't as good as I was hoping.

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