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Scaddabush Front Street

Posted: 02/18/17

Scaddabush Front Street

Restaurant: Scaddabush Toronto

dre: I met my friend for lunch at Scaddabush. There was a long wait as people were coming from a conference or show at the Metro Convention Centre. I almost lost my spot because they never texted me when my table was ready and we waited for a good 30 minutes. Anyway, we decided to have a giant meal, so we started off with Osso Bucco bites. These were yummy and fell off the bone.
I tried the Grilled Chicken and Shrimp entree. It usually comes with spaghetti with cream sauce, but i asked to change the spaghetti to fettucine as I find their spaghetti soggy. The dish came out with fettucine with pesto sauce! Awesome! The shrimps and chicken were underwhelming, and I enjoyed the pasta the best of the dish.
My friend got spaghetti and meat ball. The huge meat ball was stuffed with cheese and mushrooms.
We decided to share dessert and got the Zeppoles. Unfortunately, they were cold in the middle, but otherwise they would have been really good. :(

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