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Batch Cooking

Posted: 02/16/17

Batch Cooking

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dre: On the weekends, I try to batch cook for the week so that dinners are easy to prep. This weekend, I decided to try making meatloaf. I've never made meatloaf and I can't remember eating meatloaf before, but I'm sure I have. The meatloaf I made was very...meaty. My friend had suggested to use more bread crumbs. I felt like I was eating a very large hamburger with no bun.

I also made some usuals - lasagna and vegetarian chilli. The chilli is vegetarian because I subbed the meat for extra beans! I figured that it would counter the very meaty meatloaf.

Hey, as long as my kids and husband eat it, I'm happy.


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  • I too have never made a meatloaf, even though i enjoy eating good ones. Bad ones are horrendous though
    Nelson @ 2017-02-22

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