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Elegance Chinese Cuisine

Posted: 02/14/17

Elegance Chinese Cuisine

Restaurant: Elegance_Chinese_Cuisine Markham

dre: We came here for Chinese New Year dinner. It was interesting to see all the reservations come in. Ours was at 5:30, so we were one of the first people there. Then groups came in at 6:00, and 6:30, and 7:00. Lots of cute kids with adorable Chinese New Year outfits!

We ordered a set dinner, and the first dish was the roast pork. I liked that it came with some seaweed salad to give the dish some contrast. The skin was crispy and there was some meat underneath.

I'm pretty sure I missed some pictures during the dinner, as I recall having another dish before this shell. But anyway, the shell was filled with a seafood and vegetables with Portuguese curry sauce. This was really tasty and even Mike ate it, even though it was seafood.
Next was the shark's fin soup.
You can't have Chinese New Year dinner with mushrooms! There was also some bok choy and melons stuffed with dried scallops. Mike's dad said this was probably one of the more expensive dishes because dried scallops are very pricey these days. I did not know that.
A crab dish with lots of garlic and thin vermicelli noodles. The crab was soooo garlicy. I tried to eat a couple pieces, but I really didn't know how to break open the shell to get the meat even though most of it was already in small pieces.
This was the best E-Fu noodles I've ever had! It wasn't too soggy, not too oily, and tasted really good! I got seconds.
The rice was cooked in a large lotus leaf. It was a bit dry, and I didn't particularly like the lotus leaf taste.
Lastly for dessert, we got red bean soup with sesame filled dumplings. Those dumplings are Mike's favourite. I enjoy them too, but I know they aren't that good for you, so I don't pop 10 of them like what Mike does.

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