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Schnitzel Sandwich

Posted: 02/04/17

Schnitzel Sandwich

Restaurant: Pumpernickels Toronto

dre: Back when I used to work in Scarborough, I infrequently went to Pumpernickels just to eat their Schnitzel Sandwich. I remember the pieces of meats were HUGE so I was excited to try it again, though at a different location and couple years later.

I used my handy dandy Ritual app, and ordered the chicken schnitzel sandwich at the Brookfield Place location. I went to pick up my sandwich, and noticed that it has shrunk considerably since I got it last time (though now that I compare pictures, they look similar). I think I was more disappointed in the taste, which wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. There was too much mayo, and the chicken breading was different... Or perhaps the sandwich wasn't that great before, or my taste buds have changed!


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