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Eddie's Wok N Roll

Posted: 02/27/08

Eddie's Wok N Roll

Restaurant: Eddies_Wok_N_Roll Mississauga

dre: Eddie's Wok N Roll is Gerald's, Richard's and other Psion Teklogix employees' favourite place to eat for lunch. It is cheap, has huge portions and makes me go into a coma after consuming all that food. They serve Hakka food - in between Chinese and Indian food. I believe the chef and owner is Chinese, but all the servers were Indian.

One night, Mike and I went to eat there for dinner and I didn't feel that it was such a good deal anymore because it didn't come with a soup and spring roll and it was more expensive...

The 2 dishes we got were some unpronounceable chicken dish (maybe it was beef) and the bottom a green curry chicken. Honestly, they both tasted very similar. Maybe because they were both so spicy that they tasted the same. I went through many glasses of water that night.

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  • Wow, portions look gigantic!
    Nelson @ 2008-02-27

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