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Banana Almond Bread

Posted: 02/02/17

Banana Almond Bread

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dre: What to do when you have a bunch of ripe and brown bananas? Make banana bread!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any butter, so I raided my fridge and found some almond butter. Almond butter is similar to natural peanut butter - there is oil in the container, and if not mixed frequently, the solid part separates from the oil. Because I kept it in the fridge, it was difficult to stir out. I warmed it up and it seemed to help.

When I mixed the other wet and dry ingredients together, I noticed that the batter was really thick, so I used some almond milk to loosen it up. The result was pretty good. The taste was definitely almond-y, but a little dry without oil or butter. I also added pecans for some crunch and the girls gobbled up the bread pretty quickly.


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