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Homemade Burritos

Posted: 01/27/17

Homemade Burritos

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dre: We went to N&P's house. I always feel so inspired when I see them. They are vegetarians, so for me, whenever we get together, I eat something I don't normally make at home. This time, we had burritos. Like what Nelson said yesterday about tacos, burritos are also easy to make, but a lot of prep work before hand.

They had a bunch of chopped up vegetables and homemade bean mixture already made. They had guacamole and salsa to add. N rolled everything up, and marked everyone's burrito with a different symbol. My burrito was a dab of salsa on top. Then they were put into the oven to be heated up.

I also had a quesadilla (a very loaded one), with similar filling as my burrito, and using a corn flour soft shell. That was pan-fried and since it was so full, I used a fork and knife to eat it. It was delicious and now I have another dinner idea!


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