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Longo's Maple Leaf Square

Posted: 01/25/17

Longo's Maple Leaf Square

Restaurant: Longos Toronto

dre: We went to watch Disney on Ice at the Roger's Centre, and it ended around 6pm. Dinner Time. Around that area, there are not too many choices that is a close walk. We tried to go to Mercatto, but the wait was over an hour. I suggested Longo's, as I knew there was a sit-down service. We found a table to fit the large group of us and there were even high chairs to contain the toddlers. The food is made to order from a menu that was given to us. The prices were the same as if you went to the food station to order yourself. They also serve alcohol in this area as it is licensed.
I got the basic burger. Nothing fancy about it, and while I believe it might be from frozen. A little overcooked and dry, hopefully I just got a bad one.
I loved their pizza, but this time, the Hawaiian pizza I got for the girls seemed underdone. They still enjoyed picking off all the toppings and eating them at least.
Mike got a chicken club sandwich with quinoa soup. He was really sold on the "avocado" that was advertised in the menu and he said, "Yes! Good fat!"

In conclusion, the dinner was very affordable and an economical choice for that area. The food is okay, but I've been here before, so I know they can do better.


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