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Homemade BiBimBap

Posted: 01/20/17

Homemade BiBimBap

Restaurant: none

Nelson: At H Mart we also picked up a bibimbap kit. It had some of the ingredients needed for a good variety, but we added carrots, egg, shiitake, rice and sliced beef. The kit had everything else including bean sprouts, cucumber, spinach, daikon and the top items around the carrots which I'm not even sure what it is. And to top it all off, Kimchi and bibimbap sauce. You can tell because there is a bibimbap picture on the front. Yup. It's basically the red spicy sauce and I'm not sure how it is different from the other sauce. We mixed it up and although I don't have a stone bowl for the hard rice, it was still delicious. Yum!


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