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Cast Iron Steak

Posted: 01/18/17

Cast Iron Steak

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Nelson: One of the my biggest reasons to get a cast iron grill is to make steaks. I want to sear the meat and then directly transfer it to the oven to finish. I didn't do much research unfortunately and ended up buying one with ridges. It makes for nice looking grill lines, but is such a PITA to clean. It's also limited in the use cases as it is mostly good for just specific meats like steaks and chicken. A flat one is more versatile and you can get more surface area to sear the meat. Oil will actually help in the cooking too whereas with steaks as I am learning, the oil in the pan falls between the ridges basically only produces smoke. Oh well.
Smoke. Yes, that's butter on top.
I feel like the ridges are no good for cooking vegetables either. You can't get to the fat/oil in the bottom and it is difficult to mix up the vegetables for an even cook. Fail.
Here is the dinner. Cooking steak with a cast iron is vastly superior to a pan as finishing it in the oven is an important step. I'm still new with the cast iron so I overcooked it a tad. The resulting steak had a nice smokey flavour that came from both cooking in smoke on the stovetop and later filling the oven with smoke. The house was smokey. I look forward to many more meals cooking with cast iron, but I do not look forward to the cleaning.


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