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Song Cook's Comfort Food

Posted: 01/14/17

Song Cook's Comfort Food

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson: Song Cook's has become comfort food for us. We came here for lunch on this day, but there is no lunch menu, so it was the same as a dinner.

I think we arrived late and there were already these spicy rice rolls on the table. This was the only spicy dish of the day, which is hard to do at a Korean restaurant.

Noodles in black bean sauce, jajangmyeon. Also one of our favourites, the only downsides of this dish is sometimes the amount of salt in it.
The Korean apps, which aren't a strength at this restaurant, but do the job.
Once again we had the jajang sauce, but with rice this time. I didn't know what this item was, so I just ordered it without asking about it. Turns out the noodle version is better. Now I know.
Pork cutlet, deep fried to perfection. Large too!
Bibimbap was also good. Too many rice dishes today though.
Seafood pancake was not chocked full of seafood as it usually is here. Or maybe it is just the piece I got.
The best of course are the beef ribs. On this day they were amazing. Soft, tender with great flavour. Yum!

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