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Joon's at Yonge and Shepperd

Posted: 02/25/08

Joon's at Yonge and Shepperd

Restaurant: Joons Toronto

dre: The plan was to go to another restaurant to kill time before watching a movie (Cloverfield), but the place I wanted to go to was closed for the holidays.... which was kind of odd because it was mid January at this time... Since the windchill was -30 or something, we settled for something close by - Joon's Korean restaurant where I had a Dolsot Bibambap and I'd like to point out that we also got potatoes as appetizers (I asked for many refills)

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  • I don't like the potato salad that much, I much prefer the chunks of potato...now go find some of those!.
    Nelson @ 2008-02-27

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