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Wagyu Steak vs Regular Steak

Posted: 01/08/17

Wagyu Steak vs Regular Steak

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Nelson @LoblawsON: Is Wagyu beef worth the extra cost? Loblaws now regularly sells wagyu beef and I decided to try it and do an apples to apples comparison. I bought the same cut of beef for both types - Top sirloin. The wagyu costs $59.5 /kg while the regular one was $30.84. So wagyu is approximately twice as expensive by weight. This piece costs $22.49 while the two regular ones cost $13.82.
You can see the clearly superior marbling of the wagyu beef. In fact, it isn't even a contest as the regular one has minimal marbling. The marbling on the wagyu is glorious. Just by looks, the wagyu is darker too, which may mean it was aged longer, but I'm not sure about that.
To taste the meat itself, I used a minimal amount of seasoning, just olive oil for the pan, a bit of butter and then salt and pepper rubbed onto the steak. I cooked all three of these pieces on the same pan at the same time so that I could keep the variables as constant as possible.
These are the resulting cooked steaks. From the earlier pictures you may notice that the wagyu beef is slightly thicker than the regular steaks which will affect the doneness. I left the wagyu steak in the pan for an extra half minute or so.
Even though the wagyu was in the pan longer, it was still really rare in the middle (far right). The ends were cooked perfectly, but the middle section I microwaved a tiny bit to get it into the right zone. You can see the steak just looks different. You see the tendons in the regular steak while you see fat gobules in the wagyu steak. Finally, how did it taste?
The wagyu had really great texture as it was so smooth and tender. It was like filet mignon in texture, but with more fat, taste and juiciness. It was not melt in your mouth like the Kobe steak I had, but still really great. In contrast, the regular steak was very tendony, which is typical of top sirloin I suppose. They both tasted somewhat similar in flavour, but the wagyu was much more juicy. And of course the texture was vastly superior.

So there is a definite difference in quality that can be tasted and felt. Is it worth double the price? For me personally maybe for special occasions and when I'm in the mood. For normal every day meals? Probably can't afford it, but is still cheaper than restaurant steaks for similar if not better quality.


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