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Posted: 01/04/17


Restaurant: Donburi Markham

Nelson @Donburi_CAN: This is our first meal with just myself, wife and baby. Baby slept through this (by design) quick meal at Donburi, so that was good. We didn't get the specialty beef bowl, instead I opted for the pork katsu curry rice ($9.75). The Katsu was not fried that well, but the curry had a nice flavour. It looked small, but at least the portion of meat underneath the sauce was bigger than what was showing above. It could have used more veggies though.
Both meals came with salad and miso soup. Both were super salty, just like how it is in Japan.
Kitty got the Unagi Don aka grilled eel ($12.75). It was ok, with a slight sweet and smoky flavour. Could have had more eel though. The ginger was super strong.

Overall, slightly bigger portion may be desirable, especially since the pictures make everything look big. Not sure I know of many other "beef bowl" experiences around though, so if you are in the mood come here.

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