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Family Dinner

Posted: 01/03/17

Family Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre @TurnberryGolfCA: No special occasion, but we got together with all the parents for a nice dinner at Turnberry Nine18, a golf club restaurant in Brampton we frequent for a fancier experience.

We started with some bruschetta.

The nachos are always a good choice and they do a good job layering the toppings, chips, and cheese.
I got a regular, but added an egg on top. I love eggs in my burger. If I could also add avocado, it would be my favourite combination.
Mike got a New York striploin. I had a small slice and it was yummy.
The kids shared a rose penne chicken pasta. It was much better than the options on the kid's menu, but they got to have the drink and dessert as well!
The kids chose strawberry ice cream with sprinkles for their dessert.
The adults chose funnel cake! It was an enjoyable meal with the parents to celebrate nothing and everything!

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