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Homemade Parfait

Posted: 12/18/16

Homemade Parfait

Restaurant: none

dre: A Puseteris opened in the Saks downtown at Hudson's Bay. I knew they were a high end grocery store, but how expensive could food possibly be? I walked around and yes, there were specialised foods and organic produce that made it more expensive. There were more common items that I'm familiar with (chips, snacks, etc.) that were a couple dollars more than what I would purchase at. But what got me was the yogurt parfaits they were offering. These were pre-made with yogurt at the bottom, some berries in the middle and granola on top. You've probably seen these before at McDonald's, Tim Hortons and even in your local supermarket. Those normally sell for $3.50-$4.99. The ones at Puseteri's were half the size and selling for $7.75!!! Robbery!!!

After seeing those parfaits remain on the shelf day after day (I was very curious to see if they were even getting sold), I decided to make my own. It was quite easy - yogurt, frozen fruits, and some Quaker cereal on top! Probably less than $2!

A couple weeks later, I noticed Puseteri's no longer pre-made these parfaits and now they have a yogurt bar.


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