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Hospital Food

Posted: 12/14/16

Hospital Food

Restaurant: none

dre: My excuse for not posting is that home-life has been a bit crazy. We had an unfortunate incident that landed Mike in the hospital for a couple of days. That is a story of itself, so I'll leave it to just the food for this post.

While he was there, I only captured 2 of his various meals. Breakfasts were always very simple - bread, egg, (or a combo of both), yogurt, milk, and juice. Lunches and dinners had hot food that included fish, chicken, beef stew, with potatoes and vegetables. The portions are okay, but I suppose most people that are sick do not really have an appetite. Mike didn't complain about the food, though most of the time he couldn't finish it anyway. It definitely looks sadder than it tastes, but the hospital is about function, not fancy.


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