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Jackpot Chicken in Chinatown

Posted: 12/04/16

Jackpot Chicken in Chinatown

Restaurant: Jackpot_Chicken Toronto

dre @eatjackpot: From the owners of Patois, they bring Jackpot Chicken Rice, based on a Hainanese dish. You can order the chicken with its traditional skin on, or a crispy fried version like the one you see in the second picture. The meal also came with a soup. For $13.75, it's quite steep, especially since I was still hungry afterwards. But the chicken was so juicy and the rice was so delicious. You can't really dislike chicken and rice that's been cooked in yummy oil...

It was very flavourful, and I'm glad i got to try it out, though I'd be hard-pressed to come back again. Maybe for a special occasion.

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