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Xmas After Dinner Feast

Posted: 11/21/16

Xmas After Dinner Feast

Restaurant: none

Nelson: After a big feast, we had another after feast feast. Let's start with a cheese plate. Loblaws carries quality cheeses now so it was convenient to buy this. A PC brand double cream brie, English Stilton and a red Leicester Stevenson. Grace brought a Beecher's Dutch Hollow Dulcet. Of course we added Cracker Barrel. The Stilton was my favourite.
These were some salty snacks. Mostly Asian too. The best was the fish crunchies on the top right. The flavour is amazing.
The bread from earlier in the night came back out. Works with cheese.
Grace brought some confectionaries to sweeten things up :)
Chinese people always have fruit.
Kitty's dad's birthday is on Christmas day so we had a cake too.
Mary made one of my favourite desserts, a mille feuille. The cream along with the crunchy pastry and fruit make for a great combination.
Second feast of the night!


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