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Xmas Feast

Posted: 11/19/16

Xmas Feast

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We found it difficult to cook and host Christmas so luckily my parents did it and invited Kitty's family too. At that age (weeks) Andy was able to sleep in a bassinet. We did the stereotypical thing and had Turkey, but with a lot of sides.
This is some bread with a dip of olive oil with rosemary and salt. Very simple, but really really good. Don't know how my mom figured to make this.
Pasta salad, stuffing, shrimp, gravy, cranberry sauce.
Roasted vegetables. We made them at my place, but I have no idea who cut these veggies up. Memory is foggy. Always delicious though.
Gotta bring the Chinese food!
Jeffrey made a delicious curry. Yum!
Here is my tentative first plate. I'm sure I had a few more after this.

Time to start thinking about Christmas presents!


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