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New Orleans Seafood (Plus HotPot)

Posted: 11/17/16

New Orleans Seafood (Plus HotPot)

Restaurant: none

Nelson:Nelson: My sister's bf brought some seafood from New Orleans. They boil these in a very minty/spicy/fragrant mix of spices/flavouring that is incredibly flavourful. I haven't tasted anything like this before as the flavour just explodes in your mouth. The crab meat took on the flavours completely and made for a delicious meal.
Similarly the crawfish was incredibly flavoured. I haven't eaten these before, but I soon learned that you just eat the tails and you get at it by taking off the head. I must admit they still aren't my favourite, but they were really tasty!
This is some shrimp. Now this is probably the meatiest and easiest seafood to eat this way. Yum!
We also had a hotpot, so here are few shots of the foods we had. More seafood of course.
Different tofu and fishballs, etc.
And of course beef and pork. :)


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