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Real Shandong Dumplings

Posted: 11/12/16

Real Shandong Dumplings

Restaurant: none

dre: Just to follow on the theme, we went to J&F's place to make even more dumplings! They live with their grandma, and their grandma is from the Shandong province - maker of dumplings from scratch. It is a whole day process to make the dough, knead it, divide it, roll it out, and wrap. We conveniently missed most of that process and came for the wrapping party. I learned that using homemade dough to wrap is much more forgiving as you can stretch out the dough to fit the filling. The best dumplings are the ones that super plump.

Since they were in the process of making the dough, she also made green onion oily pancakes (literal translation). "Those," she said, "are a lot of work to knead the dough and flatten them." They were delicious.

She also made homemade spring rolls. I didn't ask how they were made, I just ate them. ;)


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