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Dumpling Night Begins

Posted: 11/08/16

Dumpling Night Begins

Restaurant: none

dre and Nelson: We went over to Nelson and Kitty's place for a dumpling night! Kristen used to call them dunklings. They had prepared the filling beforehand, helped seasoned by Nelson's mom. We were so excited! After messing up a couple of the wrappers, we got the hang out of it and finished a couple plates of dumplings ready to be cooked!
Nelson cooked a first batch by boiling them. You can tell the ones that were poorly wrapped (probably by me) opened while cooking.
These dumplings were pan-fried and flipped when plated. Restaurants do this too, I don't know why. It doesn't look as appetising this way, but it is my preferred cooking method for dumplings.
Nelson deep fried a chicken. Yes, deep fried in a wok. It was delicious. Look at that beautiful plating with the broccoli haha.
I have to let Nelson explain how he cooked this pork. The sauce was delicious, and the pork was juicy and the kids loved the eggs.
Here is a picture of the entire dinner. Great job with the execution and everything tasted great! This is what I get when I invite myself over and ask for Chinese food. Next time, let's try some Greek, okay? Haha.. just kidding! Thanks for having us over!


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