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Big Fat Greek Buffet

Posted: 10/30/16

Big Fat Greek Buffet

Restaurant: Big_Fat_Greek_Buffet Mississauga

Nelson: A few days before my kid's arrival we went for some AYCE Greek Buffet. I think this is a pretty unique concept. Plus I love Greek food, so this is a good thing.

Stuffed peppers look so tempting but also filling. I ended up taking one. The vegetables, not so much.

Rice, beans and curry.
Greek (lemon) potatoes, roasted whole tomatoes, chicken drumsticks, meatballs and a goat curry.
Moussaka! Two types too!
Salad bar with a decent variety.
Fruit bar, which I eat for dessert.
Spanakopita and pizza.
My "salad" plate. With meat.
By far my favourite part of the buffet is the souvlaki. There is a sign saying to take limit to 2 per visit to the grill. Reasonable I suppose, but that means I have to make multiple trip. They have chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, loukaniko (greek sausage) and beeftekia.
More fried foods, onion rings, fries and pita.
Here is my "meat" platter. I did limit myself to two souvlaki, but I'm pretty sure I went back for more. Not pictured are a nice plate of cold grilled vegetables and was also delicious. Yum!
There is a good variety of desserts. The baklava isn't that good unfortunately, but if it were top notch, it would probably be crazy expensive. Kitty loved the nut free orange cake. I like halva when it is nuttier, but I don't remember if this one was so.
Kourabiedes is almond shortbread cookies.
Here are my desserts, which also included fruit and ice cream. I was happily stuffed! But I bet my wife felt bigger!

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