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Blue Lagoon King Lobster and BC Crab Special

Posted: 10/24/16

Blue Lagoon King Lobster and BC Crab Special

Restaurant: Blue_Lagoon Mississauga

Nelson: Back for the third weekend in a row! This time we had the King Lobster & Vancouver Crab set meal ($138). It's much cheaper at lunch time.

They make the lobster several ways, so this is just a small portion of the lobster. This is battered and fried which also happened to be my favourite way to eat this! I only got a few small pieces though and didn't get much lobster meat. The fried garlic chips were so tasty and really makes this dish even better.

The second way is the lobster tail with efu noodles. These had very large pieces and overall this was a great dish that was easy to eat as well as being tasty.
We had some Dim Sum to go with our meal since we were here already.
More Dim Sum, rice rolls with vegetables and shrimp.
As part of the set meal some vegetables. We added the garlic chips from the fried lobster dish on top for extra flavour.
The claw was cut up and served with congee. This was my least favourite way to serve the lobster. It was difficult to judge the size of the lobster since the claw was broken. The meat is a bit slimy when prepared this way (in the congee?).
This is the lobster congee. What I liked about it wasn't the lobster, but the sea cucumber. Surprising.
More dimsum, the ever present siu mai. I love the bono flakes on top.
This is the Vancouver crab. It wasn't very large and it was difficult getting at the meat after eating such a large lobster.
Some fried fritter to go with the congee.

We tried to the get the Peking duck as well, but the special wasn't available. We also had the durian sago dessert that we liked so much the previous week, but this time there was no puff pastry! How can this be so inconsistent! Disappointing.

Overall, Fishman Clubhouse is a lot better. Still I suppose it's the best on the west side of town. I can't believe I came here three weeks in a row.

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