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Blue Lagoon Dim Sum Again

Posted: 10/18/16

Blue Lagoon Dim Sum Again

Restaurant: Blue_Lagoon Mississauga

Nelson: The next week we went back to Blue Lagoon yet again. We start with some BBQ pork buns with a sweet topping. Not sure when this became popular, but I have seen it several times now. I still prefer the regular type myself.
Unbelievably these are turnip cakes but with fish cake on top. That that good and small to boot. At least they are trying to mix it up.
Green onion pancake. Not what I was expecting, but was ok.
Beef rice roll.
Parsley Beef balls (with corn!)
Spare ribs in a sweet sauce.
Congee with corn!
This is a custard in the shape of a fish.
This dessert is durian soup with sago and a puff pastry on top. This was unexpectedly delicious! But only if you like durian.

Not pictured is the lobster noodles that I ordered again (basically for myself). We also had xiao long bao, but it came with no vinegar strangely enough. And we got the siu mai with the bono flake on top.

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