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Bombay Bhel

Posted: 10/08/16

Bombay Bhel

Restaurant: Bombay_Bhel Mississauga

Nelson: I think Bombay Bhel is one of our go to Indian restaurants as it hits the optimal quality and price point for us.

For variety we tried the non-vegetarian Thali ($15.95), which consists of an assorted traditional platter of rice, naan, dal, raita, papadum, pickle, dessert, tandoori chicken and a curry. Such an appealing looking dish! We tried a beef curry (left) and while it was very very tender, the sauce was only ok with a lot of gameyness for a beef.

The dal (upper left) was decent, not too strong with a bit of sweetness a bit of saltiness and no bits of spiciness. The cucumber yogurt (upper right) was refreshing and a good palate cleanser. The rice pudding on the right had a bit of spice to it in addition to raisins. I thought it was coconut and ginger, but Kitty thought it was cinnamon.

In the bottom right are some pickled vegetables that were extremely sour.

So much variety for so little, this is a good dish to order!

We tried the saag chicken ($14.95), tender pieces of chicken cooked in curried spinach. This was by far my favourite dish of the meal. It had both chicken breast and dark meat and both were extremely tender. The flavour is excellent with body and texture coming from the spinach. Even though this is a small container, it was filled with meat. An excellent dish.

The plain naan we got as part of the thali went well with the strongly flavoured rest of the meal. What a good deal!

Lastly as part of the Thali is some tandoori chicken. It was nice and moist with strong delicious flavours. Once again, the thali is such a good deal!

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