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Made in China Hot Pot

Posted: 10/06/16

Made in China Hot Pot

Restaurant: Made_in_China_Hot_Pot Markham

Nelson: Made in China is not a great name for a restaurant, but it's hot pot, so how bad could it be? First thing to know is that the price is $24.99 and as usual is AYCE.

We start with the sauces of course. They come around and add soy sauce as needed separately. Otherwise a decent selection with the roasted and minced garlic a nice offering. The most unique one is the green paste, which I'm not sure what it is.

I don't remember all the options, but we got one spicy soup base and a more regular cabbage one.
The special seafood order didn't seem very fresh, which is the most important factor for seafood.
The beef started out great with nice marbling, but got progressively worse as the night wore on.
The rice section which was AYCE was actually pretty decent.I think I like rice based meals more than hot pot.
Here are some apps of curry fish balls, curry squid and tripe. They uniformly weren't very good.
One of the highlights of the meal was the corn. Of course they ran out of it. I enjoyed the beef balls here, not sure how they were different (if they were) than any other ones I've had.
The lamb dumplings I found way way way too gamey and therefore gross. Some people may like it though. I did like the seafood wonton and fried gluten. In the corner you can see the old mushroom. Speaking of which, the menu had a lot of choices for vegetables, but they had run out of most of them and were reduced to cabbage and lettuce. FAIL.
Pork sausage and fish cakes.
Lastly, the desserts. Even these weren't very good. The ice cream was icy. The mixed fruit with tapioca had no fruit whatsoever and tasted weak. I didn't try the jello, but I hope they didn't screw that up.

I definitely would not recommend this place and will not come back. This restaurant somehow further tarnishes, the "Made in China" label.

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