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End of Softball Season Celebration Dinner

Posted: 10/25/16

End of Softball Season Celebration Dinner

Restaurant: Mississauga RDs_BBQ

dre @BBQRDS: I think Nelson posted 103 pictures of RD's and I haven't even been once since they opened their new location! This was a softball celebration, and Nelson and I shared all this food (along with Kitty, K, L, and A - indirectly).

We started off with some nachos. Good thing these were there because we were warned on how long the food takes to come out. These nachos were very simple - salsa and hot peppers.

We (and by we, mostly Mike and I) decided to ordered 2 platters to share. One had a full rack of ribs and a pound of wings served with fries. The other one was 1 pound of pulled pork and 3 jumbo shrimp with more fries. I enjoyed the ribs, wings, and pulled pork. The texture of them all are different, but because they use the same BBQ sauce, they taste similar.

Mike wanted to try the poutine. His eyes were bigger than his stomach and decided to get the large mammoth poutine. I also got two orders of cornbread for the girls. For $3.50 per piece, it was a bit of a ripoff, but at least it was tasty and not dry.

I can't believe how large the menu is and the variety of food they offer. Next time I'll have to get something else to try out!

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