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Posted: 10/21/16

"Thai" Food

Restaurant: Brampton California_Thai Tiki_Meng

dre: Mike and I went to the mall for lunch and while we got our girls McDonald's for them, we decided to try 2 different food court places that serve similar items.

Mike had the some sort of chilli chicken with fried rice at Tiki Meng. It was okay.

I tried California Thai's chilli chicken with fried noodles. Their chilli chicken had a spicy sauce. It was okay as well.

We probably wouldn't come back to either places and would rather just get McDonald's next time with the kids.


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  • Which mall is this?
    Novan @ 2016-10-21
  • Bramalea City Centre... the McDonald's food court side.
    dre @ 2016-10-24

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